About me

Hi everyone,

I am Giel, I am from the Netherlands and I study Electrical Engineering on the University

of Technology in Eindhoven. I have always liked building things myself, I especially like

building electrical things like: electric skateboards, electric bikes, speakers, lights and

many more projects. In this post I will explain how I started the DIY e-bike hobby

and why I started this website. 


In 2018 I built my first DIY electric bicycle. I built this e-bike to get me from my room in

Veldhoven to the university in Eindhoven on a daily basis. The distance between those

places was approximately 10 kilometres. I know this isn’t that much, but I wanted to cover

the distance quicker (and with more fun). My first e-bike worked perfectly for this and I really

liked riding it. My first e-bike wasn’t that good however. It used a 1000 watt 26 inch hub motor

(the cheapest I could find at the time) and a homemade battery in a bike bag on a

trek mountainbike. It worked, but it wasn’t exactly plug and play.

So after a while I decided to sell my e-bike in order to make a better one. I was suprised how quickly this rather inperfect e-bike sold. So that gave me the idea to start selling self-build e-bikes. I did a lot of research and wanted to make a perfect

DIY e-bike to sell. It should look like something you could buy in a store. I found a popular Decathlon mountainbike with good brakes, suspension and looks that I wanted to convert. I also found out that a Bafang mid-drive systems was pretty much the best solution for a conversion at the time. So I decided on a Bafang systems in combination with a Hailong battery case. Hailong battery cases were also the most popular solution at the time (and they still are). So I ordered all the components and started converting the mountainbike. I was really pleased with the end result. Other people apparently also liked the concept because I sold a lot of them in a short period of time. The e-bikes were relatively cheap and had great performance (120+ km range, 750 watt, 50km/u).

This is the second e-bike that I made. This is the one I personally own as well. I also made a lot of these to sell. It has a Bafang BBS02B 750 watt mid drive system with a 48V 12AH Hailong battery. It also has a great P850C color display. The battery can be locked and is removable. The e-bike is also splash waterproof. The bafang systems rides amazing and the bike is as practical as a factory build e-bike. Nothing can even come close in beating it in the same price category.

When building the e-bikes I sometimes came across unexpected problems. I always tried to solve these problems using the internet. But I found out that there weren’t really good sources of information. There also weren’t a lot of detailed build-logs that covered every important detail about converting a bike. That was the moment that I decided to make my own website. On my website I want to share my knowledge and experience with building DIY e-bikes. I have build up a lot of experience and knowledge about DIY e-bike building that I want to share in a clear and easy to understand way. I also want to bring builders together on our forum, this way everyone can learn from each other. I also learned a lot from other builders on the internet and it’s always interesting to see how other people do certain things.

I hope that I can convince people to start building an e-bike theirselves. It’s an awesome hobby and you save a lot of money as well. Today there are many great kits available that make converting a bike really easy. The performance of these e-bikes are amazing and you will have a lot of fun riding them! An added benefit of building an e-bike yourself is that you can make it exactly to your liking. You can choose your own bike, the amount of power, the range it should have and many more aspects. You can make your perfect e-bike! I hope my website can help you if you decide to make an e-bike yourself! Good luck building!  



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